Commit af58e9e6 authored by Jerzy Kołosowski's avatar Jerzy Kołosowski

Added yadm

parent e2d4b7fb
\ No newline at end of file
[submodule ".yadm-project"]
path = .yadm-project
url =
Subproject commit 2848ca2d1d2d1b1af4a32c22dd9473f2482c65ec
export PATH=$PATH:${HOME}/.azure-cli/bin:${HOME}/.yarn/bin
export PATH=$PATH:${HOME}/.bin:${HOME}/.azure-cli/bin:${HOME}/.yarn/bin
......@@ -68,5 +68,7 @@ autoload -U +X bashcompinit && bashcompinit
#source ~/.azure-cli/az.completion
export PATH="$PATH:/home/jurek/.dotnet/tools"
# Load the theme
zplugin light denysdovhan/spaceship-prompt
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